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Get The Best Industry Training & Internship Programs

All, you need today is a chance!

  • A chance to showcase your talent to the market.
  • A chance to develop your academical skills into professional expertise.
  • And we, at FRESHERSDELHI bring forward the opportunity to learn, experience, and start following your dreams today!

Equal Exposure To Promising Talents

  • Got a degree but no placement?
  • Let FRESHERSDELHI help you choose from a variety of internship programs suiting your preferences.
  • All you need to do is provide adequate details of the type and industry of internship program you would like to join. And we will offer you with the finest of opportunities in town!

Opportunities For All

We haven't categorized the internship programs in any specific field of educational qualification. Applicants can be graduates of any degree program like; humanities, science, technical, engineers, etc.

Paid And Unpaid Interns

We offer you a wide range of options between unpaid & adequately paying internship programs to choose from. While unpaid intership programs offer the opportunity to learn with certification. On the other hand, both; learning & earning is possible while working as a paid intern.

Part & Full Time Interns

You don't have to wait for graduation to complete in order to be an intern. We also offer part time internship programs alongside full time. This way you can pursue both at a time without any wait!


Both the hiring employers as well as the interns can rely on FRESHERSDELHI. Here are some reasons why you can choose us without having to give-in any second thoughts.

For Interns

We offer a wide number of choices to select your preferred internship program from. You will be provided the choice between both paid / unpaid and part time / full time internship program.

For Employers

Though our primary focus is to serve students in choosing the right internship program. But, we also provide background check services to employers hiring interns through our portal, for complete assurance about educational qualification and other crucial details provided by the applicant.

FRESHERSDELHI as your path because only, the right path leads to the right destination!